Growing corn on the rocky plateau
Update: Mar 28, 2024
Spring is a great time to explore the beauty and liveliness of ethnic minority villages on Ha Giang rocky plateau, as well as enjoy the cool breezes, the colours of apricot, plum and peach blossoms in front of the porches on the mountains and terraced fields.

Spring is the season for growing corn on Ha Giang rocky plateau.

However, there is a strange point where you will see small turns and very few people walking on rocky outcrops on main roads in Ha Giang. To travel on these roads by bike, you should prepare everything carefully because it is not easy to find a motorbike repair shop or grocery store.

Here, you can go to a location without the footsteps of tourists, noises of laughter and chatting, or scenes of purchasing goods on the walkway because that space belongs to the farmers.

Spring is the season for growing corn. From the hillsides to the rocky mountains, weeds have been cleared, revealing only soil, rocks and farmers. Growing corn is a job passed down from generation to generation by the H'Mong ethnic minority. Over many years and generations, they have mastered the technique of growing corn and chosen corn varieties suitable for local conditions. H'Mong people often choose corn varieties that can withstand dry and cold climates and have good resistance to pests and diseases. They also prioritise corn plants that can produce high yields to meet daily food needs and ensure productivity in each season.

When you come here during weekends, you will also meet young boys and girls who follow their grandparents and parents to the fields and have lunch gathering around the rock holes with food of cooked corn flour. Corn is not only an important food source but also the main job of people in the highlands. It is also a family cohesion and a way to preserve the typical agriculture of the rocky plateau.

Hoa Cuong - Translated by NDO

NDO - - Mar 27, 2024