Hon Chim - a mesmerizing attraction on Co To island (Quang Ninh)
Update: Mar 25, 2024
Co To Island conjures a dreamy paradise with smooth patches of white sand, crystal clear waters, amazing resting places under rustling palm trees. Visiting Hon Chim at Thanh Lan commune should be a liberating experience.

Hon Chim is a small rocky island located on Vung Tron beach at Thanh Lan commune.

This is where seagulls live

Seagulls nest on the cliffs of the island.

... and forage in the area of clear blue sea.

It is said that hundreds of seagulls reside at Hon Chim during the migration season.

Birds are flying over the sea.

A peaceful beauty


By Hung Son

Quang Ninh Online - english.baoquangninh.vn - Mar 24, 2024