Ta Xua - A staircase to thousand clouds
Update: Mar 12, 2024
Ta Xua is one of the best destinations for cloud hunting in the Northern mountains. Owning a pristine beauty and nature, Ta Xua captivates every heart of travel lovers. The high mountains are submerged in a sea of white clouds that cover the whole world. However, to admire this scene is a matter of luck and cloud hunting in Ta Xua will be listed as a beautiful chapter of your life, a charming natural picture of this remote region to keep.

Ta Xua is a highland commune (in Bac Yen district) on the border of districts of Tram Tau (Yen Bai Province) and Bac Yen (Son La Province), 240 km from Ha Noi, just over 100 km from Moc Chau district centre, a perfect combination of travelling to Moc Chau and Ta Xua. With such a geographical location, visitors will be able to escape the city dust to enjoy the cool air and admire the rolling hills and mountains, the terraced fields rising and falling like waves rushing to the shore, especially being immersed in a sea of floating clouds.

Dinosaur spine - An ideal place for cloud hunting in Ta Xua

Located at an altitude of 1,500-1,800 metres above sea level, Ta Xua has a cool climate all year round. From January to March every year is the most suitable time to hunt clouds. During this time, Ta Xua clouds are fluffy and beautiful. However, you can welcome the hunting season of early clouds in July. Clouds are hazy in the early morning sunlight, sometimes blending into the mist, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is dew or clouds. Around April - July is the flood season, Ta Xua wears a rustic beauty with the highlight being the terraced fields sparkling with silver light.

How to get to Ta Xua smoothly and most conveniently since Ta Xua is a remote and rugged mountain commune. Visitors can choose among different means of transportation to get to Ta Xua such as motorbikes, coaches, limousines,... From Ha Noi, it takes about 5 hours to reach Ta Xua. Along the way to the final destination, visitors can enjoy a trailer of cloud hunting from the window.

Upon arrival, renting yourself a motorbike or a self driver (always put your safety first) would be a good ideal to start your exploration.

Dinosaur Spine

About 5km from the centre of Hang Dong commune, this place has a marvellous terrain with its back leaning against the Ta Xua primaeval range, in front of it is a valley hundreds of metres deep, facing the town. Surrounded by terraced fields and rolling hills and mountains, this place is one of the must-go places once visiting Ta Xua and also a great place for hunting clouds.

The path down the Dinosaur Spine is about 1 km long, quite difficult to walk. So the advice here is to go by foot or rent a driver to carry you there.

Đỉnh Gió - Windy Peak

Not only hunting clouds in Ta Xua, visitors can catch up with the sunset in the Windy Peak. Located on Xim Vang street, about 3 km from Ta Xua, Windy Peak is a place to watch the sunset that fascinates many people. This is also an ideal camping spot. From the top of the peak is the majestic scenery, where you can touch the clouds and sky. And nearby is the lonely Docynia tree, standing at the intersection of Xim Vang - Hang Dong, about 2.5 km to the left of Xim Vang road.

Turtle head rock

Besides the Dinosaur Spine, Turtle head rock is a spot that captures the attention of adventurous travellers. After conquering the height of 2,120m, you will find the panoramic view is extremely worthwhile to admire from the mountain range.

Ta Xua Primaeval Forest

With a total area of 17,650 hectares, located on the Southeast slope of the Hoang Lien Son range, Ta Xua Primaeval Forest boasts high-rise terrain, quite strong fragmentation and various peaks over 2,000m high along the Phu Sa Phin range. This place is a closed forest ecosystem, with numerous rare species of plants and animals, suitable for sightseeing and tourism.

Ta Xua is not all about sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, it is about an adventurous and extreme experience that you should hit on the road once in your lifetime.