Lai Vung Red Mandarin Festival opens in Dong Thap for the first time
Update: Jan 06, 2023
Lai Vung District in Dong Thap Province launched the first Lai Vung Red Mandarin Festival in the district on January 5, aiming to promote the consumption of the fruit and local tourism.
Mandarins showcased at the festival (Photo: Huu Nghia)
The festival will feature a space of mandarin farming, a workshop on “preserving and promoting the potential and value of red mandarin”, a seminar titled “Red mandarin – local potential and opportunities for all guests” and a “sample red mandarin garden” contest, among others.
“Lai Vung District is holding the red mandarin festival for the first time to honour mandarin trees and mandarin growers as well as promote the cultural-economic value of this unique product, thus contributing to boosting local tourism and image,” said Chairman of the People's Committee of Lai Vung District Nguyen Huu Nghia.
Red mandarin trees have been grown in Lai Vung District since the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to suitable climate and soil, Lai Vung mandarins are large fruit with few seeds, thin skin and an eye-catching yellow-orange colour, which are also succulent and sweet with a mild aroma.
Lai Vung District has more than 300ha of red mandarin with over 200ha bearing fruit.
Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lai Vung District Nguyen Huu Hien said the workshop on “preserving and promoting the potential and value of red mandarin” is expected to connect the State with scientists, businesses and mandarin farmers in a bid to transform agricultural production into an agricultural economy in order to promote the sustainable development and increase the value of mandarin - a local specialty that has been recognised and granted the exclusive trademark registration certificate.