Thac Ba lake, a scenic spot in northwestern mountains
Update: Dec 16, 2022
Thac Ba lake in Yen Bai province is the fourth largest artificial lake in Vietnam. Its large water surface and many big and small islands create a majestic natural scene. Thac Ba lake has been dubbed "Ha Long Bay in the mountains".

Thac Ba lake covers an area of 20,000 ha dotted with more than 1,300 large and small limestone islands. (Thua Xuan/VOV)

Boating across Thac Ba lake, visitors enjoy the fresh air and the shimmering water reflecting the islands and forests.

Thac Ba lake covers an area of 20,000 ha in Yen Binh and Luc Yen district. It’s surface is dotted with more than 1,300 large and small limestone islands. Nearby are several beautiful caves.

The first stop for visitors is the Thac Ba hydropower plant, the first hydropower plant in Vietnam. It generates electricity and regulates the flow of water to prevent floods and droughts in the northern delta. Its dam is 660m long and 50m high. The second stop is the Thac Ba Mother Goddess Temple, a sacred place which was recognized in 2004 as a provincial historical and cultural relic site. The temple sits in a peaceful, tranquil forest.

James Chen, a tourist from Taipei, China, said: “The first time I came to Thac Ba lake, I was surprised by the beautiful scenery. I have been to many places in Vietnam and other countries. I’m deeply impressed by the natural beauty here. I will definitely come back with my loved ones if I can.”

Visitors go ashore to visit Ong waterfall, São pagoda, Cao Bien mountain, and Thuy Tien cave, a cave with many beautiful stalactites. From the top of the cave there is a panoramic view of the Chay river.

Cao Bien is the tallest and longest mountain range in Thac Ba. From the summit visitors have a stunning view of the vast lake. 

Ethnic culture is promoted to entertain visitors. (photo: Thua Xuan/VOV)

Beside the lake are villages of the Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phù Lá, and Cao Lan ethnic minorities. Exploring the local culture is the most interesting part of the tour. Tran Van Hung, Director of the Thac Ba Lake Trade and Tourism Company, said: “There are 8 ethnic groups living around Thac Ba lake. They form a special cultural complex, which is valuable for tourism development.”

Yen Binh district offers sight-seeing tours, religious tours, and community tours to experience the indigenous life and work.

Nguyen Tuan Manh, head of the district’s Culture and Information Office, said that in addition to encouraging businesses to invest in tourism infrastructure, the administration has paid special attention to preserving local culture and traditional crafts.

“We promote the tangible and intangible cultural values of Yen Binh district and help ethnic groups organize art troupes to preserve their folk singing and dance. We have repaired and upgraded historical and cultural sites,” Manh said.

Thac Ba lake is set to become an important national tourism center in the northern midland and mountain region for eco-tourism, MICE, and historical and cultural tourism. Thac Ba lake is a national reserve of natural ecology, biodiversity, and cultural uniqueness.

VOVWORLD - - December 16, 2022