Conquering White Cliffs in Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang Province
Update: Dec 08, 2022
(TITC) – On the way to discover the North of Ha Giang Province, over Ma Pi Leng Pass, let look up and you can see a small road running parallel on the top, along the foot of the white limestone mountain. This is the walking route to conquer the White Cliffs with different emotions in journey.

Having hot cups of tea, and watching the floating clouds. Photo TITC

The walking path named White Cliffs Walk is 5 km long, connecting from Xeo Sa Lung village (Pai Lung commune) through "White Cliffs" to Ma Pi Leng village (Pa Vi commune). The trekking route is moderate difficulty, quite suitable for new climbers.

The sign to White Cliffs. Photo TITC

Starting at Happiness Road Museum, the path has cliff on one side and deep abyss on other side. The vehicle can only access the pathway for about 3 km long, then you will have to walk over 2 km. Before having National Highway 4C, this road was used by local people to connect between Dong Van and Meo Vac. Now, they still use it every day: go to work in the fields, go to the market, children go to school.

Irresistible beauty for those who love to explore. Photo TITC

Dubbed "The Road to the Foot of Clouds", visitors will surely be overwhelmed by the majestic natural beauty, clear blue sky, the winding Nho Que River and the mountains and hills.

The way to cliff to hunt clouds. Photo TITC

Along pathway, there is a famous check-in place named “Death cliff” where you could hunt clouds floating in the air. The path downs to valley then up to Co Tien Mountain peak. Just following the path, there is an observatory overlooking the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Here, you will be able to get a gorgeous panoramic view of the Nho Que River and Tu San Canyon in poetic and dreamy scenery. Then, the trekking route leads to White Cliffs.

Bewildered by the harmony of green grass, white cliffs, bright yellow sunshine. Photo TITC

Next to the White Cliffs is a hollow cliff, used for camping of 5 or 6 single tents. From an altitude of about 1,700 m above sea level, looking down is Nho Que River, far away undulating mountains and an enchanting winding road of Ma Pi Leng Pass. The beautiful, majestic natural scenery makes us ecstatic.

Hollow cliff used for camping. Photo TITC

On the winding road to the left and right of the mountain, you will always have a feeling of amazement at the scenery that appears after each turn. You will always be surprised and stop from time to time to admire and take pictures of the rocky mountains and Nho Que River, which are very different at each angle.

National Highway 4C viewing from White Cliffs. Photo TITC

The old tree on high mountain. Photo TITC

You have been admiring the beauty of Nho Que River from an altitude of 1,500 m when traveling on National Highway 4C and you will be even more overwhelmed when standing at the White Cliffs to fully admire the three sights: Ma Pi Leng Pass, Tu San Canyon, Nho Que River from an altitude of 1,700 m. Let’s to experience conquering the White Cliffs in Ha Giang Province!

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