Quang Nam: Record for most natural waterfalls to Cong Troi ecotourism site
Update: Dec 07, 2022
The Cong Troi (Gate to Heaven) ecotourism site in Dong Giang district (Quang Nam province) has recent set a Vietnamese record for the ecotourism area with the most natural waterfalls.

A waterfall in Cong Troi ecotourism site

Reportedly, there are 25 natural waterfalls in different sizes in the Cong Troi ecotourism site.

The system of waterfalls and streams are surrounded by over 120 hectares of forest with the rich vegetation. All the landscapes are well-preserved and very beautiful.

The system of waterfalls in the Cong Troi ecotourism site is quite original. Each waterfall was numbered and named after their close things by Co Tu people there, such as A Tut (a torch), Ba be, A Lieng (wood), To rang bhot (home of monkeys),  Trakir (pink canarium), Cruoi (wild banana), etc. Each of them has an interesting story attached to the local cultural life.

The recognition of the waterfall system in the Cong Troi ecotourism site contributes to making it better-known, more attractive to visitors.

The Cong Troi ecotourism site invested by FVG is developed according to 4 criteria: ecotourism, convalescence, spirituality and indigenous culture.

The system of waterfalls will be one of the highlights that attracts more visitors.

There is now an eco-track to the waterfalls based on natural landscapes through which visitors can have good experience of green tourism, including bathing in streams, water slide, diving, or massage by natural stones.

Representatives of Cong Troi ecotourism site at the record certification ceremony.

In the coming time, there will be several typical products related to the waterfall landscape in hope of an ideal tourist attraction.

The Cong Troi ecotourism site is also expected to become a destination in the heritage journey Hoi An ancient town - My Son Sanctuary - Dong Giang Cong Troi ecotourism site.

Quang Ninh News - english.baoquangninh.com.vn - Dec 07, 2022