Enjoying homegrown fruits in Loc Yen (Quang Nam)
Update: Oct 11, 2023
In late fall, visitors to the ancient village of Loc Yen in Tien Canh (Quang Nam province) can explore its centuries-old houses with stone alleys and enjoy various fruits.

The Loc Yen ancient village features nearly 10 houses aged 100 - 150 years.

The road to Loc Yen village is adorned with beautiful trees by the locals.

Mr. Ho Duc Bo and his wife in Loc Yen village pick up oranges.

Orange tree laden with fruits.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh The's family in Loc Yen village collects around half a ton of langsat (scientific name: Lansium Domesticum)

The langsat  is ready for selling.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Truyen from Loc Yen village harvests durians.

Loc Yen villagers harvest mangosteen.

Children help their parents harvest fruits.

Loc Yen villagers beautify their gardens.

Strawberries are cultivated in Loc Yen for visitors to take pictures and enjoy.

In Loc Yen, visitors can experience the clean environment with the fresh air.

By N.Hung - Translated by Cam Hy

Quang Nam News - en.baoquangnam.vn - October 10, 2023