Enjoying homegrown fruits in Loc Yen (Quang Nam)
In late fall, visitors to the ancient village of Loc Yen in Tien Canh (Quang Nam province) can explore its centuries-old houses with stone alleys and enjoy various fruits.
Exploring the ancient village of Duong Lam (Hanoi) on weekends
Behind the gate of Mong Phu Village, Duong Lam Village is idyllic and familiar but has a strong attraction. Especially on weekends, it can be interesting to leave the crowded…
Tourism in Loc Yen ancient village
Loc Yen ancient village is located in Tien Canh commune of Tien Phuoc district (Quang Nam province). The village is cooperating with local authorities to foster the development of local…
The Ancient Village of Dong Ngac
The ancient village of Dong Ngac is one of few villages which have still kept intact the cultural features and old historical architecture despite the impacts of rapid urbanization.
Vestiges of ancient village found on northern riverbank
A 10,000 sq.m archaeological site believed to be an ancient village dating back 3,500 years has been discovered on the bank of the Pho Day River, northern mountainous Tuyen Quang province.