Khanh Hoa: Nha Trang promises to be a city of cinema tourism
Update: Sep 26, 2023
The coastal province of Khanh Hoa is like a miniature Vietnam, with diverse cultures, natural conditions and historical buildings. In addition, Khanh Hoa hosts popular film festivals and events that bring together actors and directors from other countries, boosting tourism and becoming an attractive destination like Cannes in France, Busan in South Korea, and Hollywood in the US.

Do Le Hung Tu, Chairman of the Vietnam Film Association, shared the view following the success of the 2023 edition of the Golden Kite Film Award, which ended this month.

The aerial view of Nha Trang City. Photo: Khanh Hoa Tourism Department

Echoing Tu, Ta Quang Dong, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the Golden Kite Film Award is a great opportunity for experts and managers to work together and create new cultural projects to make Khanh Hoa's Nha Trang City a popular tourist destination related to the film industry.

Dong said that cinema is a good way to promote tourist destinations and many countries have done it successfully, including Vietnam. For example, the movie I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass, which was shot in the coastal province of Phu Yen, has made the place a destination for many tourists. The film Pao's Story, which features beautiful vistas of Ha Giang's breathtaking highlands, has also made this area a prominent place on the national tourist map.

Nha Trang City, the seat of political, economic and cultural activities of Khanh Hoa Province, has set a goal to improve the quality of urban tourism space by 2040 to attract investors worldwide. At the same time, the tourism industry has diversified its products and implemented sustainable methods for exploiting tourism resources, including but not limited to coastal areas, island areas, peninsulas, and ecological spaces.

Vinpearl Nha Trang has been an attractive location for many films.

The Nha Trang Municipality has a vision to develop the city into a financial and commercial hub of national and Southeast Asian significance.

Nha Trang is known not only for its exceptional tropical ecosystem, including coral reefs and a variety of rare marine species, but also for its remarkable historical and cultural relics preserved for centuries. These include the mid-8th century Ponagar Tower and the Nha Trang Stone Church, a historic building over 80 years old.

Meanwhile, Khanh Hoa has worked with many travel agencies and businesses nationwide to develop world-class tourism products. Local authorities are eager to expand their tourism markets, especially among international travelers. Information technology is widely used in tourism management and administration.

Tapping its innate aesthetic value, Nha Trang can bolster its tourism sector through the medium of cinema.

Khanh Hoa's Vice Chairman Le Huu Hoang hopes to use cinema as a factor. He believes this will leave a lasting impression and encourage tourists to explore the area in the future.

Cinema is an important tool in showcasing Vietnam's culture and people because of its ability to evoke strong emotions and create memorable experiences for viewers.

"Nha Trang combines all the components that form a picturesque landscape with the sky, sea and sand. The history and culture of Nha Trang is exemplified by its diverse urban architectural features that span many periods and regions. Most importantly, the people of Nha Trang have left an indelible mark on some prominent Vietnamese films," Hoang said.

Nha Trang has always been a sought-after location for filmmakers. Nha Trang beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Since the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, a large number of breathtaking movies have been shot here, touching the hearts of many generations of fans.

According to Meritorious Artist Nguyen Thi Thu Ha of the Vietnam Cinematography Association, local authorities must proactively place orders with directors, have preferential policies for film crews, and connect travel companies and filmmakers in developing ideas and choosing the right setting.

Do Theater in the shape of bamboo fishing gear is a highlighted architecture in Nha Trang.

"Khanh Hoa has a long and beautiful coastline with many islands of different sizes, so why don't we have an award for films with sea and island themes and contexts in Khanh Hoa for professional and non-professional filmmakers? It will attract many film crews and effectively promote the city," Ha said.

Recently, Nha Trang successfully organized the 2023 Golden Kite Film Award with the theme "Brilliant Galaxy".

Throughout its 20-year history, the Golden Kite Film Award has honored hundreds of outstanding cinematic works and individuals annually. But it was only this year that filmmakers, artists... were truly recognized for life when their names were engraved on the Wall of Fame at the Do Theatre, built in the shape of bamboo fishing gear.

The Wall of Fame features no less than 433 stars representing 107 works and 297 individuals, including writers, artists, filmmakers, and 29 cinematographers.

The Wall of Fame is not simply a "monument" to the contributions of artists. It is also a historical landmark that marks a new stage in the development of Vietnamese cinema.

Ngo Minh

Hanoi Times - - September 25, 2023