Quang Nam pilot project on teaching Bai Choi performance art at schools
Update: Mar 26, 2024
According to the pilot project, Bai Choi performance art will be taught at schools as a subject, an extracurricular activity, or part of students’ festivals and exchanges.

Bai Choi performance art in Quang Nam. Photo: Giaoducthoidai.vn

The project is aimed at supporting the Bai Choi performance art conservation and promotion of its values in the period of 2024 - 2030.

Reportedly, the general goal is to preserve and promote the values of Bai Choi performance art, UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity, by improving the scale, quantity, and quality of Bai Choi clubs or groups in order to protect and preserve them for posterity.

It is remarkable that Bai Choi clubs and groups will be supported with equipment and operating maintenance costs.

It is estimated that the province will spend around VND 23 billion forming and running clubs in 18 provincial localities.

Regarding the implementation content, Quang Nam will support research and inventory of the intangible heritage of Bai Choi performance art in the province from 2024 to 2025 with a budget of 100 million VND per year.

Besides, the province also supports the collection of artefacts, scripts, lyrics of Bai Choi folk songs through historical periods, images, musical instruments, and costumes related to Bai Choi art for display at Quang Nam Museum from 2024 - 2026 with 100 million VND per year

Quang Nam also supports digitising the intangible heritage of Bai Choi performance art in 2024 and 2025 with a budget of VND 150 million a year.

Concurrently, the province will support training courses on Bai Choi performance art management in the period of 2024 - 2027.

In particular, teaching Bai Choi performance art has been implemented at 80 primary schools and lower-secondary schools.

Translated by Q.Thu

Quang Nam News - en.baoquangnam.vn - Mar 26, 2024