Ukrainian artists perform puppetry show “Luc Van Tien”
Update: Apr 03, 2023
Artists from the Strange Castle Independent Theatre has performed a puppet show entitled “Luc Van Tien”, which was inspired by the work of the same name by famous Vietnamese poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu.

A scene from the puppet show "Luc Van Tien" (Photo: NDO)

Ukraine Nguyen Hong Thach congratulated the Ukrainian artists on the occasion of World Theatre Day (March 27), especially artists from the Strange Castle Independent Theatre for their success with the puppet show, a work froma completely different culture to that in Ukraine.

Ambassador Nguyen Hong Thach said that in the early 1980s, translator Maya Kashel had translated the poem “Luc Van Tien” into Ukrainian to introduce Ukrainian readers to the classical works of the famous Vietnamese poet.

The Ukrainian artists decided to create the puppet play when they learned about the translation of the poem in July 2022. Ukrainians always highly respect the values highlighted in the work, such as courage, kindness, and honesty.

The audiences are very interested in the show. (Photo: NDO)

For his part, Director of the Strange Castle Independent Theatre Elena Ivanchenko shared about the preparations for the show and their difficulties. She noted that this was theirfirst show, and the play will continue to be performed soon.

President of the Ukraine-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians' Group Yevhen Brahar stressed the great significance of the performance, notably in reminding audiences of eternal values such as kindness, love, mutual assistance, and respect.

NDO - - April 1st, 2023