A look at Khmer ethnic group’s dance art
Update: Aug 30, 2022
The dance art of the Khmer ethnic group is unique. It has long become an indispensable spiritual food in the cultural life of local people and has always been preserved and brought into full play.
For Khmer people, dance art is both sacred and spiritual after hours of hard work.
The Khmer dance is divided into two types, namely court dance and folk dance. Most of the traditional dances are fun, featured through the rhythmic and lively coordination of hand and foot movements.
The folk dances of the Khmer ethnic group have no limit to the number of participants. Participants can dance in a circle or rows. 
Below are photos of the Khmer ethnic group’s dance:
A royal dance of the Khmer ethnic group
The art troupe of Xiem Can pagoda in Bac Lieu perform an Apsara dance to serve tourists.
The Sadam drum dance
A fan dance of the Khmer ethnic group, a traditional dance
Lam Leo dance of Khmer art troupe of Soc Trang province
Translated by Mai Huong
PANO - en.qdnd.vn - August 28, 2022