Gong Culture Festival 2022 attracts nearly 1,000 artists
Update: Jun 28, 2022
Approximately 1,000 performers and artists took part in the Gong Culture Festival 2022 which opened on June 27 in the central province of Quang Nam.    

Gong Culture Festival 2022 attracts nearly 1,000 artists

The festival is part of activities to celebrate Vietnam Visit Year 2022 being hosted by Quang Nam. It creates a golden opportunity to promote cultural images and unleash the potential to develop community-based tourism, contributing to preserving traditional identities for ethnic minorities.

The opening ceremony attracted over 7,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

The festival featured various activities, including traditional rituals, folk wood sculpting, brocade weaving, traditional costume performances, and conferences to discuss the preservation and promotion of gong culture legacy of ethnic races in the region, among others.

Ethnic artists performs folk wood sculpting

A number of traditional products and handicraft items of local ethnic minorities were also put on display at the event.

Gongs are closely linked to the daily life of local people residing in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Their belief systems form a mystical world where gongs serve as a privileged language between men, divinities, and the supernatural world.

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