Find peace in Tan Lap floating village
Update: Jan 11, 2022
Tan Lap floating village in Moc Hoa District, Long An Province, around 100 kilometers from Saigon, is one of the attractive destinations in the Mekong Delta best known for its primitiveness and simplicity.

Visitors enjoy a boat trip in Tan Lap

Tan Lap is actually a region of wetlands where local people are accustomed to living with flood and building houses on “man-made” mounds. The higher the water level is, the higher the mounds will become. The village can be therefore dubbed a “floating” village.
The village is surrounded by Tan Lap mangrove forest, which is an ecotourist site. The green space with the canals adds a mysterious “tint” to the scenery, rending it more attractive.

A bird’s eye view of Tan Lap mangrove forest

To explore Tan Lap village, visitors can opt for taking a boat trip around the canal system or taking a stroll along paths inside the forest. Both options are ideal for enjoying the local natural environment where sound of animals and forest winds can be heard and felt.
Colorful birds flying on the sky, and red and green dragonflies hovering over lotuses and water lilies give spectacular scenes to visitors during their boat trips.

The five-kilometer path deep inside the mangrove forest is lined with high and big trees. On the way are sites of good background for photo sessions, which is a favorite check-in point of young visitors.

Tan Lap floating village is a place for visitors who seek the simple beauty of nature, peacefulness and hospitable local people.

Saigon Times