Exploring the caves of A Luoi
Update: Jan 07, 2022
It seems that when talking about A Luoi (a mountainous district 70km from Hue city), many people are familiar with waterfalls, ecotourism, and community tourism. However, if you have the opportunity to learn about that mountainous land, exploring the caves and tunnels you will also get a full range of emotions.

Signboard to enter A Don tunnels, a revolutionary historical site

Nestling in the middle of a vast green forest, A Luoi is one of the few localities that still retains the wild charm of the mountains. Many people know this place through the A Roang primeval forest, A Nor waterfall,.., but if you want to experience and learn about historical landmarks, you should choose to go to the caves and tunnels in A Luoi.

The majestic nature here is famous for the wide and huge primeval forests. Taking advantage of the local topography, soldiers and ethnic minorities utilized the major advantages such as natural caves or the ones built by local resident and property to serve the war protecting the homeland, the country, the villagers. In this highland district, you can visit many caves and tunnels.

A Luoi has many caves, such as: Tien Cong, Koong, Koong Oc, Par Lech ... or tunnels, such as A Don, A Nor, A Puc, A Ting, Cong Abó, Cop, Tunnel 49, Ong Ho, A So - A Tuc, An Ho... These caves and tunnels are located in many localities of A Luoi district and are not too difficult to find. Just "search ongoogle" or simply ask people, anyone can reach them.

Many times going to A Luoi, I have had the opportunity to find many of the above caves and tunnels;and, I have had various memories and impressions with A Don tunnels.

This tunnel is located at the foot of A Don hill in the old Hong Quang commune, now Quang Nham commune, about 3km west of A Luoi town, and 72km northwest of Hue City. When I arrived there, the tunnels were still quite intact.

A Don tunnel has three doors, two of which are connecting doors; the tunnel is about 20 meters. One of these two doors was partially covered with soil by bombs falling near the hatch.

Searching for historical information, during the days of the Tet Offensive in spring 1968, under the direction of the Central Military Commission, with the contribution of the Voice of Vietnam Radio, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Tri Thien Hue Military Region decided to dig a tunnel to install the liberation radio system of the Tri Thien Hue military zone.

The timely appearance of the Liberation Radio of Tri Thien Hue Military Region, promptly cheered and encouraged the morale of officers and soldiers, contributing to the victory of Tri Thien Hue's army and people during those days despite the intense aggression of the enemy.

A Don Tunnels

Luckily, we find local historical witnesses to listen to the stories related to the destinations such as A Don tunnels, then, to understand the value and profound historical meanings. Perhaps that's why, many people still say, coming to A Luoi, in addition to eco-tourism and community sites, visiting the system of revolutionary historical sites will be extremely useful and practical for the journey to the past. 

A Don Tunnels is recognized as a provincial relic. And in fact, other places have also been recognized.

For example, the revolutionary historical relic (event souvenir) An Ho tunnel in A Ry village, Huong Nguyen commune, A Luoi district, was recognized as a provincial historical relic (event commemoration) in 2019; or the historical vestige of Tien Cong Cave (Hong Kim commune), of thetype of Battle Tunnel, which was recognized as a national historical relic by the Government in 2005.

This December, there is a special event to celebrate the founding of the Vietnam People's Army. Vietnamese people have a tradition of patriotism and national pride. And, along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road, looking into historical sites, understanding more about the merits of the previous generation, it is like a trip to learn, to remember and to acquire more value and useful information about history.

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