Diverse activities take place during ROK Cultural Days in Quang Nam
Update: Apr 13, 2021
The Republic of Korea (ROK) Cultural Days in Quang Nam Province officially opened in the ancient city of Hoi An on April 10.
An art performance at the ROK Cultural Days in Quang Nam 2021
The event will feature diverse and meaningful cultural activities such as photo exhibitions, experiences of culture and cuisine of the ROK and Hoi An, a rural market, art shows and Taekwondo performances.
The opening and closing ceremonies will feature the special participation of various famous artists from the ROK such as violist JMI KO, singer Seok Hun, singer Hansara, and K-pop dance troupes.
The biennial festival has been held since 2017 by the ROK Embassy and the ROK Cultural Centre in Vietnam in collaboration with Quang Nam Province and Hoi An City authorities.
This year’s event will last until April 13, contributing to enhancing the diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the ROK in general and between the ROK and Quang Nam Province in particular.
The event also aims to promoting the image and culture of the ROK to Vietnamese people while attracting more visitors to Hoi An following the impacts of the epidemic.
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