What to experience on Viet Nam cultural tours
Update: Sep 08, 2017
Cultural tourism is fast becoming a very popular form of travel in Viet Nam for both domestic and foreign travellers. This type of tour is likely to include activities such as visiting ancient towns, festivals, markets and handicraft villages. A cultural tour of Viet Nam is certain to help learn more about the life of the local people, customs, and traditions.

Here are a few of the things to expect on the cultural tourism trip:

Handicraft villages

A wonderful experience is certain to include stopping at several of the handicraft villages throughout the country. A few of the popular destinations include: Kim Bong Carpenting and Thanh Ha Ceramic in Hoi An; Phuong Duc Bronze Casting, Sinh Painting Village, and Phu Cam Conical Hat in Hue; and Van Phuc Silk Village, Chuong Conical Hat Village in Ha Noi, and Dong Ky Carving Wood Village in Bac Ninh. Read more: Traditional handicraft villages in and around Ha Noi.

A visit to any of these places can be a fascinating time with plenty to see and learn about local traditions. In addition to getting to see a traditional village in action, the traveller on this type of tour also gets to make local products on their own. This can become a very rewarding experience and leaves a deep impression on those involved.

A traditional festival in Viet Nam

The lively and colourful street markets in Viet Nam give a perfect opportunity to gain cultural knowledge of the local people. A visit to the far north such as Sa Pa gives the option to explore markets like Binh Lu, Can Cau, Coc Ly and Bac Ha. A day-trip to the markets make is easier to understand the local culture of the ethnic minority groups living in the highlands.

For travellers in the central regions of Viet Nam, the Dong Ba Market is certain to be a great feature on the cultural tour. This market is great to witness first-hand the day-to-day activities of the locals as well as to buy gifts or souvenirs for friends and relatives at home.

Also, for the Viet Nam tour packages in the south, the floating markets in the Mekong Delta region are sure to be a very appealing prospect. Many of the markets are best appreciated early in the morning when the locals are most active.

One of the most fun and enjoyable ways to understand the local culture is to get involved with national or regional festivals. Getting involved in the festivals can be one of the easiest ways to learn about the culture of the local people. A cultural journey across the country can include the Festival Hue, Hung King Temple, Nha Trang Sea Festival, and more. Taking part in Festival Hue is a really great way to get knowledge on the different cultural values. Plus, it makes it possible to see colourful community activities and see unique royal festivals.

Ancient towns

A further part of the cultural Viet Nam tour is to explore one or more of the ancient towns. A trip to historic Hoi An is certain to be one of the most appealing options with its ancient tombs, temples, pagodas, assembly halls and houses.

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