Where to stay on a honeymoon in Viet Nam
Update: Aug 28, 2017
Many destinations have been popular for a honeymoon over the years. Often couples pick the romantic setting of a fine sandy beach and clear blue sea. Traditionally, that has been in places such as the Caribbean, the Maldives, Seychelles or the Pacific. While no one should suggest that these places cannot provide much of what the happy couple want from a honeymoon, there are other places that have become increasingly popular and one of those is certainly Viet Nam. It has an extensive coastline, plenty of sand, crystal clear waters and remote islands. It also has 5-star quality hotels and of course it is a place that offers something different.

If you are looking for somewhere offering a different experience, then you might like to talk to Vivu Travel in Ha Noi. It has a great deal of experience in putting together tailormade itineraries for clients and that includes those on honeymoon.

There are several compelling reasons to look at Viet Nam as a holiday destination at any time during your life, be it honeymoon or later a Viet Nam family tour:

•    It is a beautiful country with infinite variety. You can learn a great deal about the history and culture of Viet Nam wherever you travel

•    It is inexpensive, naturally friendly with quality hotels and good service.

•    The cuisine is amazing, and you will have few meals better than the fresh seafood dishes offered in many places down its extensive coastline.

These are general observations and Vivu Travel is more than happy to suggest places that you might consider for your Viet Nam honeymoon. You may be happy to merely stay in a quality resort or look to include a number of places in your Viet Nam tour package; the choice is yours and there is much to see and do. Viet Nam is a vast country and your choice of where to go may well depend upon the time of year you have in mind for your honeymoon. Different parts of the country may have bright sunny days when rain is likely elsewhere. Local knowledge is certainly useful and here is where an experienced Viet Nam travel agent such as Vivu Travel comes in especially useful. For example, the best time for visiting Ha Noi and Sa Pa in the Northern Highlands is perhaps later in the calendar year while the coastal resorts in Central Viet Nam have a high season in spring and early summer. The Central Highlands centred around Da Lat is a winter destination and so on.

Here are just a few ideas of places to stay for a few days for that real honeymoon feel while you may still have the chance to see other parts of the country during your Viet Nam holiday.

•    Ana Mandara in Da Lat offers a comfortable climate in a lovely woodland environment. This part of Viet Nam was a popular escape from the heat of lowland areas for the French and their former villas have turned out to be very useful as tourist accommodation. The Valley of Love and the Xuan Huong Lake are two places to visit if you decide on Da Lat as your honeymoon destination.

•    Six Senses on Con Dao Island is sheer luxury. It is a 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City and the hotel will collect you by Mercedes to take you from the airport to your home for the number of nights you book. The beaches are lovely, you can swim and snorkel and enjoy the privacy of a personal villa in a lovely setting. Con Dao has a history of being a prison island. Prisoners struggling for independence from the French, and later Viet Cong, held by the Americans during the Viet Nam War, were kept on the island and there are places associated with those times to visit.

•    Evason Ana Mandara, Nha Trang. Nha Trang has developed as one of Viet Nam’s top coastal resorts and this accommodation is as close to the beach as you can get.  There is a great spa if you need any more relaxation than a beach holiday offers anyway. There are several beaches in Nha Trang which has earned the nickname of the Riviera of the East Sea. You will find plenty of things to do in Nha Trang yet you may not want to leave your lovely accommodation.

•    The Nam Hai in Hoi An, Central Viet Nam is very highly regarded among the top hotels in the whole of the country. The accommodation is private villa and the service is excellent with your own private butler. The beach is at your front door. Hoi An itself is a very important part of Viet Nam history. It was a trading port as far back as the 7th century under the Champa Kingdom. Subsequently, the Chinese, Japanese and French have all influenced the city as it is seen today.

•    An Lam, Sai Gon River is a small boutique hotel of 19 private villas, a new hotel which you access via a short trip on the river.  This is a great jungle wilderness, remarkable as it is so close to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and certainly something a little different from other options. The city itself is certainly worth exploring while the Mekong Delta is worth a visit if you want to leave your honeymoon paradise.

Hopefully, you will only have to think about a honeymoon destination once in your life. That said, when you reach particular anniversaries, it would be nice to return to where your married life began. Vivu Travel can be relied upon to provide the ideas for your honeymoon and put all the arrangements in place, and as it grows, together with tourist numbers, it is likely that it can provide a similar service in the years to come if you want to return to Viet Nam. Whether you fly into Ha Noi in the North or Ho Chi Minh City in the South, you can expect everything to be in place for a memorable holiday.

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