A wellspring of inspiration
Update: Mar 06, 2024
As travelers wander through the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve, they are likely awestruck by its poetic and enchanting beauty. What is even more astonishing is the multitude of native fish species whose eggs are brought here by migratory birds. Various other aspects contribute to the mysterious allure of this place, enticing all to explore it at least once in their life.

A journey full of emotions

During this season, the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve Sightseeing Area is captivating travelers with its refreshing air, cool weather, and the blooming of various flowers. The scents of spring within the forest is no wonder an irresistible attraction of this destination. Owing to the absence of phone signals in numerous areas of this ecological reserve, visitors can seamlessly immerse themselves in nature’s embrace.

The soil nurtures green trees, while rivers carry sediment, enriching the serene and picturesque landscape of the S-shaped country. As time passed, many structures and heritage sites were damaged, particularly during wartime. However, there are also tranquil forests that withstand storms and thrive for centuries.

Once susceptible to floods and salinity intrusion, Dong Thap Muoi has overcome these challenges, emerging as a splendid landmark in the Mekong Delta region. Under the attentive care of investors, the destination has evolved into a cherished gem within the tourism industry.

Seeking the essence of life in the green forest

Seeds of life are nurtured and begin to sprout in the forest

Dreams coming true

It is a great opportunity for the tourism development of Dong Thap Muoi, as Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company has demonstrated its desire to enhance many service infrastructure facilities in the buffer zone of the natural masterpiece.

A turtle in the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve Sightseeing Area

During the recent Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve Sightseeing Area opened its gates to the public. In just a few days, tens of thousands of visitors flocked to the site, demonstrating tourists’ profound love for nature and illustrating bright prospects for tourism development there.

A captivating destination worth exploring

Upon stepping through the sightseeing area’s welcoming gate, visitors can find themselves at the threshold of two entirely distinct worlds. Retreat, and they will step back into a bustling world. Advance, and they will see a space teeming with purity and lush greenery open before their eyes. Gaze skyward, and they will be greeted by 147 species of birds flying above and singing in harmonious melodies.

Kayaking is one of the must-try experiences when tourists visit this destination. What could be more relaxing than gliding along the wide canal, where the water surface reflects the endless expanse of the sky and the green forests on both sides. Ancient forests stand along the banks, boasting a rich tapestry of 156 plant species. Every twist and turn reveals a new vista of natural scenery, ensuring that every snapshot taken with a phone becomes a cherished keepsake.

Dong Thap Muoi is home to countless schools of fish, encompassing up to 34 species, so it is no surprise for tourists to spot fish appearing in their photos. In the midst of tranquility, the soft buzz of 30 diverse insects weaves a harmonious symphony, adding to the peaceful ambiance of spring.

Birds are found singing in the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve Sightseeing Area

Contributing to fostering a love for nature among young people, Dong Thap Muoi emerges as a unique and captivating forest representing the beauty of the southern region. Just as Tra Su Cajuput Forest gained cinematic prominence in the movie “Song of the South,” who knows if Dong Thap Muoi will shine brightly as such in the near future?

Saigon Times - english.thesaigontimes.vn - Mar 5, 2024