Binh Thuan enhances security and safety in tourism activities
Update: Jun 29, 2023
In a short time, Binh Thuan must focus on promoting the synergy of the whole society to ensure security and safety in tourism activities.

Besides, the province strives to achieve the goal of building Binh Thuan as a “Safe - Friendly – Quality” destination, improve the efficiency of state management on security and order issues in the tourism sector, solve the task of protecting national security, social order and safety, associated with tourism development in the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 - Binh Thuan: “Green tourism comes together" organized by the province.

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued a plan to implement the Project on ensuring security and safety in tourism activities in Binh Thuan province in 2023, namely focusing on promoting information and propaganda activities; raising social awareness about the position and role of tourism; creating favorable conditions and ensuring an environment for sustainable tourism development; raising community awareness in protecting natural resources and the tourism environment; building an adaptive culture-friendly treatment of residents and visitors; well implementing the assurance of security and order, food hygiene and safety, and environmental sanitation; preventing commercial fraud, strictly handling acts that adversely affect the landscape and environment tourism; creating a positive change in awareness and action in the community about preserving cultural beauty, and promoting the identity value of Binh Thuan.

The province concentrates on raising the responsibility of agencies, organizations, enterprises, and the masses in implementing the movement of all people to protect national security; launching a movement to join hands in preserving environmental sanitation; preventing and fighting crime, and eliminating social evils; building and maintaining a healthy, secure, safe and civilized tourism environment.

The Provincial People's Committee also requested relevant sectors to review and complete the policies and laws system in the tourism field according to the direction of creating open and favorable conditions to attract investment and foreign tourists to Binh Thuan; and contribute to sealing the "gap", prevent hostile forces, reactionaries, and criminals from taking advantage of tourism to infringe upon national security, social order and safety. Moreover, the province promotes the state management in the correct implementation of guidelines and policies on the management of accommodation, travel, and other tourism activities; ensures cultural security, preserves national identity, and national and international traditional and non-traditional events and festivals held locally.

Departments and branches are required by the Provincial People's Committee to actively grasp the situation and solve complex issues of national security, social order and safety, and other complex issues related to the activities of organizations, individuals, tourism business enterprises; focus on travel activities, and organize the transfer of international guests on entry to the place of stay to ensure safety.

Working together to tackle social crimes such as drugs and prostitution; preventing traffic accidents; discharging causing environmental pollution; promptly and thoroughly handling negative phenomena in the tourism service business and other law violations at key tourist routes and spots. Strengthening the work of fire and explosion prevention, rescuing and preventing drowning accidents in amusement parks, entertainment areas, lakes, wharves, and beaches; Strengthen the IT application to monitor security and order at bus stations, railway stations, and seaports to ensure openness, flexibility in procedures, and strictness in security and order.

Improving the efficiency of coordination and exchange the information and situation among relevant departments, branches, and units on ensuring security and order in tourism activities, mobilizing the synergy of The forces participated through the peak waves of crime suppression, coordination regulations between sectors on ensuring security and safety in tourism. Building and launching the movement "All people protect national security" related with guidance on consolidating, building, and replicating models of self-management and self-defense on security and order in localities, enterprises, zones, and tourist destinations; regularly propagating to raise people's awareness and vigilance about the plots, methods, and tricks of hostile forces, reactionaries, crimes in the field of tourism, creating a strong and stable people security circumstance.

Translated by Uyen Linh

BTO - - June 26, 2023