Lai Chau mountain fair promotes ethnic products
Update: Jun 22, 2023
 Lai Chau province is home to 20 ethnic groups, who have upheld a rich cultural diversity. The weekly mountain fair is a venue for them to exhibit and sell their cultural and culinary specialties to tourists.

Young people of Sin Suoi Ho hamlet introduce their special dishes to tourists. (photo: VOV)

Every Saturday the Sin Suoi Ho fair in Phong Tho district is crowded with people of different ethnic groups and tourists. They come to buy and exchange agricultural goods and handmade products such as brocade clothes, Mong panpipes, jewelry, and many kinds of souvenirs.

Hang Thi Ke of Sin Suoi Ho hamlet said: “I sell brocade blouses, skirts, dresses, and bags. I use social networks to introduce my products and our group’s culture.”

In recent years, Lai Chau province and Sin Suoi Ho hamlet in particular have received a growing number of tourists. The villagers have produced more souvenirs, clothes, and accessories to sell to tourists.

Cunique Chloe, a French tourist, said: “The fair is lively. Many people gather here to sell fantastic cultural products. I like these beautiful clothes and bags. I will buy some as souvenirs for my relatives and friends.”

The San Thang night fair in Lai Chau city is famous for ethnic dishes such as horse meat soup, grilled meat, smoked pork, sour pho, and many types of ethnic cakes of the Giay. On a winter night, nothing is more delicious than a hot bowl of pho noodle.

A corner of Sin Suoi Ho fair in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province (photo: VOV)

Nung Thi Nga, whose family has a long tradition of making pho noodle, said that in order to produce delicious pho noodle, they have to be careful at every stage, from selecting the rice to soaking and grinding the wet flour, spreading the batter in thin sheets, and cutting them. Every day her family makes 40kg of pho noodle, and twice that on market day.

Nga said: “When I was little, my parents taught me to make pho noodle. I’ve been selling the noodle for more than 10 years. My shop is always crowded. I’m very happy when I have many customers.”

The pho noodle of the Giay is handmade from local special rice. The hot broth has a unique, delicious flavor.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, a tourist from Hanoi, said: “I’ve come to Lai Chau several times. But this is the first time I’ve visited San Thang. The pho is delicious and fresh. They eat pho with aromatic herbs to enhance the flavor. I definitely will introduce the dish to many people.”

The cultural diversity of the ethnic groups in Lai Chau province offers tourists a unique attraction. The cultural products are being preserved and promoted through local fairs.

VOVWORLD - - June 21, 2023