Viet Nam luxury tour at an affordable cost
Indochina began to attract travellers, often backpackers, some time ago. The wider tourism industry took a little longer but such is the quality of the experience, history, culture, cuisine, people and natural environment that it is no surprise that Viet Nam’s visitor numbers have been increasing year on year, and last year exceeded 10 million for the first time. There is something for everyone, and for every budget, so that a Viet Nam luxury holiday is readily available.
Experts at providing a visa service?
Why would you want to go through the procedure of trying to obtain a visa to Viet Nam when there is a professional service that can get you a cheap…
Viet Nam and Cambodia tours
Viet Nam and Cambodia tours    (Sep 08, 2017)
The idea that you can visit two countries in one holiday may seem impossible. Well, have you heard of the combined Viet Nam and Cambodia tours? It is the year…
Is Viet Nam a safe travel destination?
If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Viet Nam - the answer is a definite Yes. Viet Nam is safe for the solo, group and family travellers. Similar to most popular tourist destinations there is the risk of petty theft or scams, but there is nothing serious to stop tourists booking one of the budget-friendly to luxury Viet Nam tour packages.
Southern Islands: Con Dao  and Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc and Con Dao islands are among the most inviting beach destinations in Viet Nam. The islands combine jungle-covered interiors with pristine beaches and easily reached from Ho Chi Minh City by air. However, the two islands are quite different in relation to character so likely to attract the different travellers.
Where to stay on a honeymoon in Viet Nam
Many destinations have been popular for a honeymoon over the years. Often couples pick the romantic setting of a fine sandy beach and clear blue sea. Traditionally, that has been in places such as the Caribbean, the Maldives, Seychelles or the Pacific. While no one should suggest that these places cannot provide much of what the happy couple want from a honeymoon, there are other…
The best Viet Nam tour operator
The internet has transformed the travel industry. In days gone by, people relied on a local tour operator to provide them with brochures that themselves where printed by large travel companies. The largest covered a huge number of countries across the world and their promotional expertise resulted in their growing even stronger. Those local travel agents provided a service that was essential to ordinary people.
Broadening Horizons Lead to Viet Nam
The year on year growth of tourism numbers taking a holiday in Viet Nam is proof that people are looking further afield when they begin to think about their holidays. And, why shouldn’t they? Viet Nam is certainly one of the beneficiaries of this phenomenon. The availability of direct international flights to and from Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, and even Da Nang,…