The unique Kin Chieng Booc May festival of the Thai ethnic group
Thai ethnic people in Ruoc Ram village, Thanh Hoa province, hold Kin Chieng Booc May festival after a hard working year to give thanks to the gods, and pray for good health, wealth and a bumper harvest in the year ahead.
Thai ethnic festival recognised as national intangible cultural heritage
The Xang Khan festival of Thai ethnic group in the central province of Nghe An has been recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage element.
Trying Thai specialties in Son La Province
Nom da trau (buffalo skin salad) and  nhot xanh cuon bap cai (green elaeagnus latifolia) wrapped in cabbage, are unique and tasty specialties of the ethnic Thai group in the northwestern province of…
Lac Village, a hidden beauty of Mai Chau
Lac Village in Chieng Mai Commune (Mai Chau District) has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hoa Binh Province for not only local people but also foreign visitors.  About 140km northwest of Ha Noi, Lac Village is the place of special traditional cultures of Black Thai people with their 700 year history.
Discovering Chieng Khoi Lake, mountains, caves and culture
Riding a boat on Chieng Khoi Lake, you may find yourself feeling somewhat insignificant in the face of expansive mountains and endless water.
“Nem Con” - Folk game of the ethnic Thai on Tet holiday
Con throwing In all festivals and Tet holidays of the Thai ethnic group in Tay Bac, besides solemn rites and ceremonies, Con throwing is an indispensable folk game. Nem Con is a folk game of ethnic Thai, takes place when spring comes or after make offerings, and sacrifice.
First Thai ethnic cultural festival opens in Lai Chau
The opening ceremony of the first Thai ethnic cultural festival was held in the northern province of Lai Chau on December 27, featuring the ethnic group’s traditional identities.
Festival to honour cultural essence of Viet Nam’s Thai ethnic group
The first-ever cultural festival of Viet Nam’s Thai ethnic group will be held in Lai Chau province on December 27-29.
 Vietnam's largest Xoe dance performed in Yen Bai
(TITC) - Vietnam's largest Xoe dance was a highlight of the ceremony to announce Decision approving the Project of "Promoting Nghia Lo Town as a cultural tourism destination in the 2013-2020 period" organized by the People's Committee of Nghia Lo Town (Yen Bai Province) at Nghia Lo Town Stadium on 29th Sep. 2013
Mass Xoe dance performance celebrates Yen Bai culture
Vietnam's largest-ever mass performance of Xoe dancing - a folk genre practiced by the country's Thai ethnic group - took place to celebrated the northwestern mountainous province of Yen Bai's emergence as a cultural destination.
International visitors to Vietnam in November estimated 279,904 arrivals. Totally, international visitors in 11 months of year 2008 reached 3,877,745 arrivals, 1.1% higher than those in the same period of year 2007.