Vietnamese culture introduced at Embassy Festival in Netherlands
Vietnamese culture and delicacies were introduced to international friends at the Embassy Festival held recently in the Netherlands.
Roadshows promote Viet Nam tourism in Netherlands and Germany
(TITC) – The Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) held a series of tourism promotion programmes in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin and Munich (Germany) from October 9-12.
Painting exhibition introduces Viet Nam’s beauties to Dutch people
A painting exhibition, themed ‘Viet Nam’s beauties - a modern look’, was held by the Vietnamese Embassy to the Netherlands, at the Viet Nam Arts Centre in The Hague city,…
Hot air balloons to show in Hue Festival 2016
(TITC) – Aiming to diversify activities of Hue Festival 2016, from May 4 – 5, an international hot air balloon performance will take place with the participation of pilots and balloonists from Thailand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, the US and the Philippines.
Vietnamese culture celebrated in the Netherlands
Viet Nam and the Netherlands kicked off an elaborate four day celebration of Vietnamese culture at the Lucent Danstheater in Hague City on September 23, expected to attract thousands of international friends and Overseas Vietnamese.