Golden antiques of the Cham people
The golden artifacts of the early people of the ancient kingdom of Champa not only impress with their abundance but also showcase a remarkable diversity in forms. These artistic masterpieces carry significant aesthetic value, exemplifying the advanced craftsmanship and metallurgical skills achieved by the Champa across different historical periods. Several of these ancient artifacts have earned their national treasure status.
Champa culture's Linga-Yoni set discovered in Quang Ngai
A set of stone lingam and yoni, believed to be the biggest-ever in ancient Champa culture, has been found in Thien But mountain area, Quang Ngai province.
Champa vestiges found in central province
Remnants of Champa architecture have recently been found in the central province of Binh Dinh, said Nguyen Van Ngoc, Director of the Binh Dinh provincial museum.
Ancient structures of Champa’s capital found in Binh Dinh
Three layers of architectural structures have been found at the Thanh Cha excavation site in central Binh Dinh province – home to vestiges of Vijaya, the political and cultural hub of Champa Kingdom.
Artefacts unearthed in Da Nang   (Jul 03, 2015)
Artefacts unearthed in Da Nang
More than 4,500 items, including ceramics, stone axes, coins, mollusc shells dating back to the 3,000-year-old Sa Huynh Culture, were found during a two-month excavation in the garden of the Khue Bac Communal House in Da Nang.