Visiting the landscape area of Ban Gioc – Detian waterfalls to be piloted from 15th September 2023
(TITC) – Vietnam and China will hold a ceremony to announce the opening of Ban Gioc - Detian Open Gate connecting Vietnam’s Cao Bang Province and China’s Guangxi, and pilot operation for visiting the landscape area on both sides on 15th September 2023, according to Cao Bang news.
Cao Bang: Phja Oac - Phja Den National Park
(TITC) – As part of in UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, Phja Oac - Phja Den National Park (73km from Cao Bang City) owns beautiful natural landscape, pure air.…
Nguom Ngao – a jaw-dropping grotto
Nguom Ngao, around three kilometers from the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall, is the most famous limestone cave in the northern upland province of Cao Bang.