White Waterfall wows visitors in remote countryside paradise
Update: May 08, 2015
Tourists may feel lost in the beauty and majesty of nature when they arrive at Thac Trang (White Waterfall), one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the mountainous province of Quang Ngai.

The White Waterfall is located in Thanh An Commune, Minh Long District, about 30km southwest from the centre of Quang Ngai City.

The best way to reach the White Waterfall is by motorbike, said Nguyen Thanh Hung from Ha Noi.

Tourists can ride over the Eo Gio Pass on Dinh Cuong Mountain and admire the peaceful beauty of the gentle Ve River and cottages by the riverside, with amazing views of Hre ethnic villages with stilt-houses nestled on slopes, tea plantations and terraced paddies.

Climbing up to the fall upstream, Hung and his friends had to follow a rocky jungle trail with a deep abyss on one side.

The trek was worth it though when they reached the top and witnessed the amazing panorama of the mountains, forests and the waterfall.

However, tour guides are recommended because the hard trek is only for advanced climbers with the right equipment.

For casual hikers, they can choose to walk down to the foot of the waterfall and swim in the lakes or catch nien fish.

The fish is a speciality of the region which can be served as sashimi or grilled and enjoyed with salt, pepper and chilli.

After cleaning the fish, local people use a bamboo stick grill it on a coal fire.

On both sides of the fall, there are lots of doat trees that the Hre people use top make their special wine.

"The heat of the summer seems to vanish under the waterfall as we soak ourselves in the lake," said Hung.

The White Waterfall is well-known to local people, but not many tourists know about it, so it has remained unspoiled. As a result, tourism services are limited.

"When you plan a day trip to the White Waterfall, you should bring food, drink and a first-aid kit, especially tiger balm to stop the leeches," said Hung.

A project to build a tourist area near the White Waterfall has been started, and a bridge will be built connecting the waterfall with another wonderful natural landscape on the Dong Can Dike. The project will include a resort, a shopping centre, a park, a swimming pool, an underwater world for children, a fishing zone and a zoo.

The project will cover 57ha and will be developed from now to 2022.

Hung has returned to the White Waterfall after many years and said the route has become more accessible.

"I drove to the White Waterfall by motorbike and the landscape is wonderful, while the road is less risky.

"In the future, when infrastructure is developed, it may kick off the development of local tourism, helping to push the growth of the local economy."

"However, if the site receives more tourists, it will become more crowded and noisy. I hope that people will maintain the pristine beauty of the area so that tourism does not harm nature."