Media centre for IPU-132 Assembly opens in Ha Noi
Update: Mar 30, 2015
A media centre for the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU-132) opened on March 26th on the 3rd floor at the Viet Nam National Convention Center in Ha Noi.

Equipped with high-speed Internet, the center will be able to facilitate 250 journalists working simultaneously. It will also assist the IPU-132 organisers to manage press activities.

All event photos will be uploaded to an online Flickr page at

As scheduled, the IPU-132 will take place in Ha Noi from March 28th to April 1st.

According to the organising board’s Sub-committee on Reception-Events, as of March 25th about 30 delegations from foreign parliaments and international organisations had already arrived in the capital for the event.