Tuyen Quang ethnic groups observe Long Tong festival
Update: Feb 27, 2015
Ethnic groups in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang on February 26 held the Long Tong (going to the field) festival – an annual ritual of the Tay ethnic people that became part of the national intangible cultural heritage in 2013.

Amidst the spring festive atmosphere, the locals as well as visitors flocked to the provincial Chiem Hoa district for the age-old agriculture festival, which is traditionally observed on the eighth day of the first lunar month to pray for favourable weather, bumper crops, and happiness.

The annual event began with a parade of nine trays of local specialties as offering to gods to thank them for good crops and hope for a well-off and blissful life in the New Year.

It was followed by a lion dance performed by youngsters, a Tich Dien (ploughing) ceremony, and folk games such as tug of war, stick pushing and cloth ball throwing.

The festival, which is also popular in other northern mountainous provinces such as Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Cao Bang, Lang Son and Ha Giang, has become a tourist attraction every Spring.

In addition to Long Tong festival, Tuyen Quang province boasts other national intangible cultural heritage, namely Then singing of the Tay ethnic minority group, “cap sac” (coming-of-age) and “Pao dung” singing of the Dao ethnic group.