Hai Duong to spend VND19 billion to upgrade Mao Dien Temple of Literature
Update: Aug 04, 2014
Hai Duong provincial People’s Committee has decided to spend VND18.7 billion (US$880,000) to restore the Mao Dien Temple of Literature in Cam Giang district.

The money will be used to refurbish the management board’s house, build a stone embankment, and upgrade roads, the parking area and drainage system.

The restoration aims to meet demand for space in spiritual activities, festive rituals and services staged at the site, while beautifying the background of the area, thus boosting tourism in Hai Duong.

Mao Dien temple historical site is the second largest Temple of Literature in Viet Nam, after the temple in Hanoi.

With more than 500 years since its establishment, the temple honours 600 doctors in Hai Duong province, making it a symbol of the studious spirit of local people. The temple also honours Confucius and excellent Confucian scholars of the province.