Ta Lon pagoda recognised as national historical site
Update: Jun 14, 2013
The Ta Lon pagoda, built in 1816 in Vinh Long Commune, Duyen Hai district of southern Tra Vinh province, received a certificate recognising it as a national historical site on June 12.
Ta Lon or Teakhinasakor in the Khmer language was not only a centre for religious activities of Khmer ethnic people but also a secret revolutionary base for the Vietnamese revolution during the war-time period. Monks and Buddhist followers organised and took part in 60 mass demonstrations against war and mobilised hundreds of puppet soldiers to defect from their troops.

The site became the target in bombardments and was seriously damaged during the US bomb raids in May, 1964. However, with their unyielding spirit, monks and Buddhist followers were determined to protect the pagoda.

On this occasion, the pagoda's monks and management board received a certificate of merits for their contributions in preserving the site from the provincial People's Committee.