Quang Ninh to tap heritage sites for development
Update: Mar 13, 2013
Northern Quang Ninh province will develop three important heritage sites from next month until 2025 to promote the values of the sites, thus contributing to the province's tourism and economy.

According to Ho Chi Duc, head of the managing board of the key vestiges of Quang Ninh, the planning of the three complexes are among key developments to shift the province's economic focus from heavy industries towards the tourism and services industries.

The Prime Minister has approved more than 4 trillion VND (192 million USD) for the plan. Of this, 67 million USD is allocated to restore and promote the treasured Tran Dynasty historical complex in Dong Trieu district. As much as 86 million USD will be invested to protect the natural landscape of Yen Tu. The Bach Dang Victory historical site receives 39 million USD to boost its tourism potential.

The investment is sourced from the State budget, local budgets, private funding and tourist fees received by the three sites.

Encompassing more than 11,000ha in An Sinh, Trang An, Thuy An and Binh Khe communes, the Tran dynasty complex is home to tombs of eight kings. Famous as one of the most important memorials in Vietnam , the complex was listed as a national cultural and historical vestige in 1962.

The sacred land of Yen Tu in Quang Yen consists of five sections, including the heritage site, service area, social facilities, management and residential areas. It has become known for its 1,000m Yen Tu mountain and the birthplace of the Truc Lam ( Bamboo Forest ) Zen sect. Covering 20,000ha, it attracts many tourists and pilgrims from all over the country. It is planned each year make the site a centre for Buddhism and the Truc Lam sect.

Last week, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed to the Prime Minister that the site be submitted to UNESCO for world cultural heritage.

Covering 380ha in Uong Bi City , the former Bach Dang battle site recored the victory of the Vietnamese people under the Tran dynasty over the third Yuan-Mongol invasion in 1288 along the Bach Dang River.

Both the Yen Tu and Bach Dang sites were recognised as Special National Heritage site last September