JICA helps protect environment in Ha Long Bay
Update: Dec 17, 2012
Environmental conservation towards sustainable tourism in Ha Long Bay and its vicinity is being improved thanks to a Technical Co-operation Project funded by JICA.

This was affirmed at the final workshop for the technical co-operation project for environmental protection in Ha Long Bay, held by Quang Ninh and JICA in Ha Long city today.


Implemented from early 2010 with completion due in late 2012 with approximately JPY 350 million invested from Japan ODA, the project largely aimed to further strengthen the implementation capacity of Quang Ninh authorities, particularly of Quang Ninh Province's Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), the implementing agency.


Major support, other than the generous capital investment from JICA to the Quang Ninh's authorities was knowledge transference and education on all the necessary techniques on sustainability. Apart from expertise transfer, some equipment such as water sampling and analysis were provided to Quang Ninh DONRE further supporting the enhancement of its capacity.


Some significant outputs have been achieved through the project implementation, such as establishment of a Steering Committee for Environment Management headed by a Vice Chairman of the Quang Ninh Provincial People Committee (PPC), a Coastal Environment Protection Corridor Plan, and an Environmental Education Association of Ha Long city.


Notably, a Strategy on Environmental Protection for Sustainable Tourism Development has been proposed to help the Quang Ninh's PPC in realizing appropriate measures for developing a sustainable tourism in associated with preserving the environment of Ha Long bay area. Improvement of awareness on environmental protection of local cadres as well as the community has been acknowledged.


"Environmental protection is a core component of sustainable tourism. Inversely, development of environmentally friendly tourism is an indispensable measure to preserve the environment. Through this project, we're very glad to see that the Quang Ninh government has been paying stronger attention to this interaction and gradually shifting mass tourism to eco-tourism by taking environmental issues into this sector,"said Tsuno, Chief Representative of JICA.


JICA has initiated its support to Quang Ninh province on environmental protection since 1998 by a study on Environmental Management Plan in Ha Long Bay. Just recently, JICA completed a grass-root scheme assistance to Quang Ninh in improving environment in floating villages in Ha Long Bay.