Sene Dolta festival celebrated in Can Tho
Update: Oct 12, 2012
More than 500 Khmer Buddhist monks and their compatriots in the Mekong River Delta gathered at a meeting organised by the Southwest Steering Committee in Can Tho city on October 10 to mark the Sene Dolta Festival 2012.
On behalf of the Party and State, Steering Committee Deputy Head Huynh Minh Doan congratulated all the Khmer people in the southwest region on the occasion.

The Committee also called on Khmer people and monks to uphold their patriotism and solidarity, contribute further to national development, and continue the struggle to disable hostile forces attempting to cause social unrest in the country.

The lives of Khmer people have improved considerably over the past few years. The number of poor Khmer households has decreased by 3-4% annually and nearly 80% of households now have access to electricity and clean water.

So far, more than 105,000 houses have also been built for underprivileged Khmer households in the southwestern region.

Sene Dolta is one of the largest Khmer festivals commemorating and paying tribute to their ancestors and predecessors who established and developed the Khmer community.

On the occasion, the Steering Committee presented Sene Dolta gifts to monks, nuns and Buddhist venerables representing 13 Mekong Delta cities and provinces.