Cham people's Kate Festival to open
Update: Oct 03, 2012
The Kate Festival celebration of the Cham people will take place at Po Sah Inu Tower in Phan Thiet City on October 15-16 with a series of traditional rituals and festivities.

The festival is directed and run by the Cham people's religious leaders in Ham Thuan Bac District and it will include a procession of palanquins and costumes of Po Sah Inu Goddess, a ceremony to open the tower's gate, washing the altar for linga and yoni ceremony.


Moreover, the festival, which aims to preserve traditional culture of Cham people and to promote the image of the local tourism sector, will also feature traditional music performances, goods fair, weaving brocade contests, pottery, baking cakes and folk games. Especially, the festival will have a contest on making and arranging offerings for Cham people's Goddess and a fashion show on Cham people's costumes.


Tourists will be instructed on how to play musical instruments like Ginang and Baranung drums and the Saranai horn, and enjoy folk music performances by artists from neighboring districts of Ham Phu, Ham Tri and Ma Lam town.