Nghinh Ong Festival kicks off in Phan Thiet
Update: Sep 06, 2012
The 9th biennial Nghinh Ong Quan Thanh De Quan Festival to worship Lord Guan Yu, a general who served under Emperor Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China, kicked off on September 4 in the coastal city of Phan Thiet.

The event is a traditional activity of the Chinese community in the city to pray for peace and a happy life. Besides the worshipping ceremony at the Lord Guan temple, this year's festival also includes a series of cultural activities, traditional Chinese costume performances, dragon dances, tuong classic dramas, and Chinese folk games.


"The festival reflects Chinese people's belief in Lord Guan," To Buu Dat, head of the Lord Guan temple's managing board said. "This is a typical festival featuring the customs and beliefs of the Chinese community living in Phan Thiet over the centuries."


During the festival, people will also release lanterns on the river to pray for a good life.


A street parade on the Nghinh Ong Quan Thanh De Quan festival's last day, September 6, also expects to see hundreds of local residents join in.