Germany helps Hue City preserve ancient relics
Update: May 30, 2012
Germany has provided more than 139,600 euro for a project to preserve Hue royal palace, said Phan Thanh Hai, director of the Center for Reservation of Hue Relics.

This is the fourth project under the German international support programme for preserving Hue relics. The three previous projects were focused on preserving the Khai Tuong Lau – An Dinh Palace, King Tu Duc’s tomb and Toi Linh Tu in the Hue royal place.

Ta Vu, built in the early 19th century and upgraded in 1899, was seriously damaged during the wars.

The Ta Vu project will be carried by the German Conservation Restoration and Education Project (GCREP) and Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (GEKE) in 2012 and 2013.

After completion, Ta Vu will be a place to showcase part of the Nguyen Dynasty’s history and an attractive destination for visitors to Hue.