A visit to Co Loa ancient citadel in Ha Noi
Update: May 15, 2024
Co Loa historical relic site in Dong Anh district, Ha Noi is closely attached to the legend of My Chau - Trong Thuy, and the national construction and defense as well as the fight against invaders under the reign of King An Duong Vuong. This place is beautiful all year round and a typical tourist attraction of the capital city.

To visit this site, which is some 20km from the center of Ha Noi, tourists should catch a bus or self-drive to cross either Thang Long, Chuong Duong or Nhat Tan bridges to the National Road 3.

Co Loa historical relic site, covering an area of about 500 hectares, is the biggest ancient citadel of Vietnam, consisting of nine spirals. Time and war have destroyed most of the ancient citadel and just three spirals remain, together with the vestiges of the ancient citadel.

Co Loa (Ancient Spiral) ancient citadel is not only a site of cultural heritage and a testament to the creativity and skills of the ancient Vietnamese, but also a destination for tourists who love exploring the culture and other features of peaceful villages in the North.

Below are photos of Co Loa historical relic site.

An aerial view of Thuong (Upper) Temple, which worships King An Duong Vuong, with My Chau - Trong Thuy well in the front

The architecture of the main entrance of the temple dedicated to King An Duong Vuong is kept intact.

The earthen wall in Co Loa historical relic site

The statue of Cao Lo, a talented general under the reign of King An Duong Vuong, who was the inventor of Lien Chau (multiple-shot) crossbow which could be used to shoot numerous arrows at a time

Translated by Mai Huong

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