Nha Trang - A vibrant destination for international cruise tourism in 2024
Update: Feb 22, 2024
(TITC) – According to information from Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism, in 2024, it is expected that about 43 international cruises will choose Nha Trang Bay as the destination to bring tourists ashore to visit Nha Trang city - a famous destination located on the South Central Coast of Vietnam.

Spectrum of the Seas on Nha Trang Bay

These are all luxurious, high-class cruise ships, mainly of the nationalities of the Bahamas, Malta, Marshall Island, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Italy... Among them are large tonnage ships, serving thousands of passengers, such as Spectrum of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas...

From the beginning of 2024 until now, there have been about 10 cruise ships docking at Nha Trang port, bringing more than 20 thousand tourists ashore. During the past 3 days (14, 15, and 16 February), Diamond Princess (British nationality) with 2,600 tourists, Celebrity Solstice (Malta nationality) with 2,800 tourists and Seven Seas Explorer (Mashall Island nationality) with 700 tourists came to Nha Trang. Khanh Hoa's tourism businesses have designed many attractive sightseeing programs to serve tourists.

In 2023, Khanh Hoa attracted 23 cruise ships, serving 45,000 international visitor arrivals offshore. By 2024, Khanh Hoa tourism industry aims to serve about 9 million visitor arrivals, including 6 million domestic visitor arrivals and 3 million international arrivals.

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