Da Nang welcomes famtrip delegation from Indonesia
Update: Jan 12, 2024
A famtrip group from Indonesia is conducting surveys of tourism products and services in Da Nang from January 8 - 12.

During their stay in Da Nang, the famtrip group from Indonesia visits some tourist attractions in the city.

The famtrip programme was jointly organised by the Tourism Promotion Centre under the Da Nang Department of Tourism, the city’s Tourism Association, and the Indonesian Travel Association.

Accordingly, the 35-member group visits a number of prominent destinations in Da Nang and Central Viet Nam as a whole, such as the Sun World Ba Na Hills Tourist Area, special national relic site Marble Mountains, the Museum of Cham Sculpture, and Quang Nam Province’s Hoi An City.

Within the framework of the famtrip programme, the municipal Department of Tourism hosted a talk show to discuss solutions to attract more Indonesian tourists and promote the opening of direct flights between Indonesia and Da Nang on Wednesday.

At the Wednesday talk show, local tourism businesses and Indonesian partners have the opportunity to meet and connect for sake of seeking cooperation opportunities.

During the event, Indonesian travel agencies were provided with general information about Da Nang’s tourism, including typical products and services, service capacity and tourism development achievements in recent years. At the same time, Indonesian tourism businesses introduced to their partners an overview of this market.

Discussions also focused on solutions to effectively exploit air routes from Indonesia, including charter and connecting flights, as well as promote the opening of direct flights between Da Nang and Indonesia.

Indonesia is considered a potential tourist market as it is the fourth most populous country in the world and has the largest population in Southeast Asia with more than 280 million people.

The Muslim market from Indonesia is not very strict, but services labeled Halal-friend are encouraged.

It is known that, with the orientation of diversifying tourist sources, Da Nang’s tourism industry has increased tourism promotion activities at the Indonesian market, with a focus on developing Halal services.

In 2023, Da Nang welcomed a total of more than 26,000 Indonesian arrivals, accounting for about 25% of the total number of Indonesian visitors to Viet Nam.

Reporting by Thu Ha - Translating by M.Dung

Da Nang Today - baodanang.vn - January 11, 2024