Passengers interested in experiencing Ha Noi - Da Nang high quality train rides
Update: Nov 07, 2023
Within a week of its launch, the high-quality Ha Noi - Da Nang train has drawn numerous domestic and foreign tourists, piquing their interest in its design and services.

Passengers experience rides onboard the high quality Ha Noi - Da Nang train. Photo: Thanh Lan

On October 20, the Viet Nam Railway Corporation (VNR) started the operation of high-quality trains SE19/SE20 on the Ha Noi - Da Nang route and vice versa. This high-quality train line has many changes in terms of appearance, interior equipment and amenities for passengers.

The Ha Noi - Da Nang route often attracts a high, stable and non-seasonal number of foreign tourists traveling like tourists on other routes, and at the same time, it serves domestic customers who like to experience train travel but with high service requirements.

Furthermore, the SE19/SE20 trains depart from Ha Noi in the evening, passing through Hai Van Pass covering both Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang in the middle of the next morning, so guests can enjoy the scenery through the train’s window.

In the opposite direction, the two trains depart from the Da Nang station in the evening and arrives at the Ninh Binh station in the early morning, so passengers will have plenty of time to sightsee, visit, and explore beauty spots in Ninh Binh such as Trang An and Phat Diem stone church.

Up to now, information about the high-quality train has attracted the attention of many social network users, most of whom praised the train’s new appearance.

Mr. Hua Tung Khanh, a tourist from Ha Noi, expressed: "I really like travelling by train because I feel very secure and comfortable, especially because accidents rarely occur. I am very satisfied when experiencing the services on this train. In addition to the good services, what I like best is that I just need to scan a QR code with my smart phone to access the sales website and then order food services and shop for regional specialties along the journey".

Tourist Yong Sung Ok from South Korea said that the first impression everyone gets is that the train is neatly arranged, clean, and the train operate on schedule.

The train serves food, drinks and other amenities quite fully.  With the same compliment, tourist Adrian Appel from Germany expressed his delight with the design and enthusiastic service style on the train as well as very good service, nice and private train rooms.

Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Le, a Vietnamese passenger said that travelling by train overnight is also an unexpected and interesting experience, especially when traveling in a group or with the lover. On the boat, she saw beautiful roads, especially the Da Nang Bay.

According to Mr. Doan Kim Tuan, the Captain of the Passenger Transport Team of the Da Nang Railway Transport Branch, the number of visitors choosing this train for travel between Da Nang and Ha Noi has gradually increase, especially foreigners.

Mr. Hoang Gia Khanh, the VNR General Director said that the launch of SE19/SE20 trains and a number of new services is one of the solutions to improve service quality in an attempt to bring passengers interesting experiences on railway journeys.

Specifically, VNR has built a high-quality train brand SE19/SE20 with its own identity and increased aesthetics to attract passengers on the Ha Noi - Da Nang route such as in the sleeping area.

In addition to providing new blankets, sheets, pillows and redecorating the carriage walls,  the air conditioning system is designed with an air outlet adjustment button so passengers can adjust the temperature and wind direction according to their needs. VNR also deployed VIP waiting rooms to serve train passengers.

When passengers take the SE19/SE20 trains or some other high-quality trains, they will be provided with a waiting room and a separate exit to the station and onto the train.

“We hope that these new transport products and services will bring high quality services and more convenience to customers, thereby building a friendly and beautiful image of the railway industry in the eyes of train passengers," Mr. Khanh said.

Reporting by Thanh Lan - Translating by A.Thu

Da Nang Today - - November 4, 2023