Tra Su – from daily life to cinema
Update: Apr 06, 2023
In 2020, Tra Su was recognised by the Vietnam Record Organisation as the most beautiful and famous melaleuca forest in Vietnam for travelling in the floating season. Tra Su is not an ancient forest, but with its simplicity and pristine nature, the scenery has become "richer" due to being cared for, cherished, loved and constantly cultivated by investors.

The green beauty of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

The Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Eco-Tourism Area in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, in the Mekong Delta Province of An Giang, welcomes thousands of both domestic and international visitors every day. The forest is famous for its millions of ancient melaleuca trees and rare primeval flora and fauna.

Cinematic potential, perfect setting for movies

Thanks to these factors, Tra Su has become more and more famous. It has caught the eyes of filmmakers and famous TikTokers on social networking platforms. Under their perspective and description, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest has become more sparkling and wonderful.

Tra Su is famous for its millions of ancient melaleuca trees and rare primeval flora and fauna.

At the end of 2022, the first shots of the movie “Dat rung Phuong Nam” (Land and forest of the South) officially began at Tra Su Melaleuca Forest. The film's director is Nguyen Quang Dung, who’s previous successes include films such as “My Nhan Ke” (Beauty Trap), “Thang nam ruc ro” (My Palpitating Life), and “Tiec trang mau” (Blood Moon Party).

Director Dung said he will highlight Tra Su's beauty to the maximum. In the TV edition of the movie, the image of a flooded special-use forest has left a deep impression in the hearts of viewers. The movie version is also expected to become a "blockbuster" on the screen with its brilliant images of the melaleuca forest.

A press conference for the screening of the movie is scheduled by the end of 2023. At the event, the film crew will continue to announce interesting sharing about the scenes at Tra Su Forest.

In addition to being suitable for historical films, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest can also be used in a variety of different genres. The forest is open to welcome filmmakers who are creative enough to use Tra Su as a setting for fiction films that always attract viewers, especially young people.

A corner of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest seen from above.

Catching the trend

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is a beauty of the region of Seven Mountains in An Giang. It is hoped that Tra Su will be present in the international movies. If Vietnamese cinema is the dawn, Tra Su vows to be a "Morning Star".

The movie “Dat rung phuong Nam” is in the process of completing post-production. Director Nguyen Quang Dung excitedly said: “All scenes are beautiful and clearly shows the spirit of the Southwest region. I believe the movie will highlight the spirit and beauty of a generous and intimate land”.

To date, Tra Su studio, costumes and props of the movie “Dat rung phuong Nam” are still carefully preserved by the Board of Directors of the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Eco-Tourism Area to serve as a backdrop for tourists to take photos. This strange yet familiar corner is also helps keep this forest attractive and fresh.

Come and touch the beauty of Tra Su vast forest!

Ha Nhien - Translated by NDO

NDO - - April 5, 2023