Con Dao announce hotline reflecting travel-related issues
Update: Feb 28, 2023
The Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area announced the hotline number to receive information and promptly solve the reflections and incidents of people and tourists visiting and traveling to Con Dao.

With the desire to bring the most comfort and satisfaction to tourists to Con Dao; create favorable conditions for visitors to learn tourism information; reflect on the situation of being ripped off, pestered, price squeezed, harassed and robbed, or any incidents at tourist transportation centers such as airports, ports, restaurants, hotels, tourist routes and attractions in Con Dao district; improve responsibility in receiving and handling information and reflections of tourists; improve the quality of tourism services and destinations; contribute to the positive change of Con Dao tourism image in the coming time.         

In particular, the hotline number is as follows:  

Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area Tel: 02543 831 116; 0917 693 039 (English speaker)

Department of Finance – Plan Tel: 0829 749 377

Market Surveillance Division number 2 Tel: 0913 636 551


Tourists when using services at tourist destinations, if there is a phenomenon of "cutting" to sell at the wrong price, or the services provided are not as committed, record it by invoice, video, or anything that can be saved as evidence. Then call the hotline number, which will receive tourists' feedback and strictly handle violations

Translated by: Xuan Da

Con Dao Tourist - - Feb 22, 2023