Malaysian newspaper highlights Da Nang as ideal vacation destination
Update: Feb 08, 2023
Malaysian media outlet New Straits Times recently published an article describing the coastal city of Da Nang as an ideal year-round destination for Malaysian tourists.

The author of the article Alan Teh Leam Seng highlighted a number of tourist attractions in the central city, such as endless beautiful beaches, Ba Na Hills, the ancient Linh Ung Pagoda complex, the stunning Da Nang Cathedral, the Cham museum, and its captivating night market.

The opportunity to enjoy local culture can also be found at the Marble Mountains, a complex of five conspicuous outcrops which have a vast network of tunnels and caves, mineral formations, and an impressive temple with towering pagodas. This place was said to have come into existence from the remnants of a hatched dragon egg.

With regard to the ancient Linh Ung Pagoda complex in Son Tra peninsula, the author highly values the site for its architectural and artistic magnificence, noting that this famous tourist spot is best known for its gigantic Goddess of Mercy statue which watches over the local fishermen. 

The article outlines that when evening comes to a fitting end guests can enjoy a boat cruise to view the Dragon Bridge which spews fire and water during the weekend.

Seng revealed that Madame Lan is a popular culinary destination based in Da Nang, affirming that he will return once again to Vietnam in the near future and visit other cities, with high hopes that they will be just as exciting as Da Nang.


VOV - - February 7, 2023