The Travel reveals budget travel tips to Ho Chi Minh City
Update: Jan 11, 2023
Canada-based magazine The Travel on January 10 revealed several tips for foreign visitors looking to travel on a budget to Ho Chi Minh City.

Foreign travellers visit Ben Thanh Market (Photo:

According to The Travel, Ho Chi Minh City is the priciest city in Vietnam. Compared to more developed regional cities like Bangkok, it can be considered expensive as the cost of visiting is nearly the same.

However, it added that this issue shouldn’t scare away travelers because there are ways in which to enjoy a perfect budget-friendly trip.

Cost of accommodation

The magazine highlighted that there are numerous types of accommodation to choose from in the southern city, including luxury resorts, mid-range hotels, and hostels.

“Most lavish hotels are found in Ben Nghe Ward in District 1, while budget and middle-range hotels are based in Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, a popular spot among backpackers,” it revealed.

The average cost of a hotel is US$35 for one person and roughly US$70 for a family of four people, while the average vacation rental is US$50 per night for a one-bed and US$80 per night for a two-bed vacation rental.

Cost of transportation

According to the magazine, the cost of a flight depends on when travelers decide to book. It suggested that visitors should book air tickets 34 days in advance in order to enjoy low prices.

November is thought to be the cheapest month to book a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, with flights to the southern metropolis costing US$92 on average, subject to change.

The Travel said that taxi rides are more expensive than public transportation, while motorbikes are a very common means of getting around the city. This mode of transport is considered convenient and enjoyable.

Car rentals are another option costing roughly US$91 for one person and US$182 for two people for a week.

Average cost of food

“Ho Chi Minh City’s food scene is one of the best in Vietnam, and based on the spending habits of different travelers, the cost of food one spends in a day can vary,” said the magazine.

“If visiting on a budget, stick to fast food or street food as they are lesser expensive than sit-down restaurants.”

It also noted that the average cost of meals is approximately US$12 per day, while the average cost of dining out is US$5 per meal.

Entertainment, attractions, and activities

The Travel stressed that over three and a half million tourists visit Vietnam annually for its attractions, with Ho Chi Minh among the top destinations. 

“One of the best things about exploring the attractions in Ho Chi Minh City is that most of them are free entrances or charge small fees,” it noted.

Besides visiting the numerous attractions Ho Chi Minh City has to offer, holidaymakers can enjoy several activities, including shopping, which helps them create good memories of the city.

According to the magazine, the average cost of attractions, entertainment, and activities stands at US$17 per person each day.

VOV - - January 10, 2023