Son Doong among top 10 most incredible caves worldwide
Update: Jan 04, 2023
The Travel website has listed Son Doong of Vietnam among the top 10 most incredible caves globally.
Son Doong Cave in the central province of Quang Binh
According to the website, caves are usually formed in one of four ways, namely by rainwater, wind erosion, volcanoes, or sand erosion. Boasting features such as geological formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and lakes, The Travel noted that caves are spectacular in many ways.
The website said that Son Doong, which can be translated as “River Mountain Cave”, is believed to be formed by the Rao Thuong River’s erosion into the base of a limestone mountain, Truong Son, causing a large tunnel to form underneath.
“Being 200m high and 175m wide as well as 9.4km in length, this cave is estimated to fit a 40-story New York skyscraper,” it noted.
The website added that one of the most fascinating parts of the cave is a thick forest mushrooming within the cave for years, as well as towering stalagmites, phytokarst, cave pearls, as well as the collapse of the cave roof.
“Also, it requires two days of intense jungle trekking and river crossings to reach the entrance of Son Doong Cave,” it shared.
The Travel also revealed that an expedition to the cave costs around US$3,000 for four days via Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Management Board. Currently, tour activities are operated by Oxalis Adventure.
The other top 10 caves included in the list are Vatnajokull Glacier Cave of Iceland, Naica Mine Cave of Mexico, Krubera Cave of Georgia, Glowworms Cave of New Zealand, Batu Cave of Malaysia, Marble Caves of Chile, Tham Lod Cave of Thailand, Reed Flute Cave of China, and Škocjan Cave of Slovenia.
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