Vietnam named among the friendliest countries on Earth
Update: Dec 20, 2022
Prestigious international travel magazine Far & Wide has placed Vietnam in fifth position on its list of the 10 friendliest nation in the world.

Vietnam is among the friendliest countries in the world. (Photo: hadynyah/Getty Images)

According to details given by magazine, the country has largely recovered from historical periods of war, with a friendly atmosphere welcoming foreign visitors among local people now common nationwide. Indeed, expats typically praise the nation’s “friendly vibe” and “nice and gentle” locals.

In line with this, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are both modern destinations that have a warm feel, whilst Vietnam as a whole is a particularly safe country, making it a good choice for solo travelers, it added.

Perhaps the surprising choice at number one on the list was Oman, with 87% of expats describing the locals of the Middle Eastern country as “welcoming.”

Mexico, Portugal, and Taiwan (China) rank second, third, and fourth, respectively. Other countries to make the top 10 list include Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Bahrain.

VOV - - December 19, 2022