Ho Chi Minh City among most searched destinations by US travelers
Update: Dec 12, 2022
Ho Chi Minh City was named among the top 10 trending destinations on online flight booking search service Google Flights, which gives an insight into where Americans are looking to travel this year and beyond.

HCM City has been named among most searched destinations by US travelers (Photo: Internet)

CNN Travel recently revealed Google’s annual roundup of Year in Search trends, which covers a wide variety of topics, including top 10 trending destinations.

The website noted that Google’s list is comprised of trips departing from the US between January 1 and September 30, as well as searches done during that time frame.

According to the data, Ho Chi Minh City ranked second in the list.

CNN quoted Google as saying Vietnam moved to reopen its tourism industry at the start of the year, while other countries which are traditionally popular such as Japan and China remained shut.

“That could explain why Ho Chi Minh City placed high on Google Flights' trending list,” the website added.

“A spate of new hotels opening in popular destinations like Phu Quoc and Ke Ga Bay - both of which are in the southern part of the country and accessible via Ho Chi Minh City,” it shared.

London of the UK topped the list, while Paris of France ranked third.

The rest of the top 10 included New Delhi of India, Toronto of Canada, Rome of Italy, Mumbai of India, Vancouver of Canada, Lisbon of Portugal, and New York of the US.

VOV - english.vov.vn - December 12, 2022