International experimental theatre festival to feature 21 plays
Update: Nov 10, 2022
The fifth International Experimental Theatre Festival will take place from November 15-26, featuring 21 plays by 21 domestic and international art units.
At the press conference for the festival (Photo: NDO)
The information was released at a press conference, held in Hanoi on November 8.
In addition to 15 domestic art units in different forms, the festival drew the participation of six international art troupes from Italy, the Republic of Korea, Poland, Singapore, Pakistan and India.
The opening ceremony of the festival will be held at the Youth Theatre and the closing ceremony will take place at Dai Nam Theatre in Hanoi.
Twenty-one plays will be introduced at many venues in Hanoi and Hai Phong, including the Youth Theatre, Dai Nam Theatre, Workers’ Theatre, Army Theatre, Hai Phong August Theatre, Hai Phong Theatre and Children's Cultural Palace in Hai Phong.
"Thuong Thien Thanh Mau"
(Mother Goddess of Heaven), a play by the Vietnam Cai Luong (Vietnamese reformed opera) Theatre and the Vietnam Circus Federation will be staged at the festival.
Besides performances, six conferences will be held during the festival, assessing the creative values of the plays in particular and the festival in general.
The festival offers an opportunity for experts and artists to meet and exchange their experiences, as well as access to the quintessence of theatrical art around the world.
The festival will also express the strength of the art forms,despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nhan dan online - - Nov 09, 2022